SC08 Guide
(Guide Source) Executive Summary from HPCwire


S02 Application Supercomputing and the Many-Core Paradigm Shift
Power Efficiency and the Path to Exascale Computing
S01: Parallel Computing 101
Petascale Data Storage Workshop
Workshop on Many-Task Computing on Grids and Supercomputers
Workflows in Support of Large-Scale Science
Michael Dell Keynote
HPC Systems Paper Session
Grid Resource Management Paper Session
Workflows Paper Session

Can Parallel Application Development Be Easy(er)?

Humanities Scholarship in the Petabyte Age

High Performance Computing in the Financials: Where Rocket Science Meets 'The Street'
Developing an Interoperable IT Framework to Enable Personalized Medicine
Parallel Computing Landscape: A View from Berkeley
Panel: Will Electric Utilities Give Away Supercomputers with the Purchase of a Power Contract?
Visit the Exhibit Floor
HPC in Cancer Therapy Personalization
Computational in Genomic Medicine
Programming Models Papers Session
Process-Level Fault Tolerance for Job Healing in HPC Environments
HPC and the Energy Challenge

Simulation at the Petascale and Beyond for Fusion Energy Science
Proactive Process-Level Live Migration in HPC Environments
Large-Scale Data Management and Distribution
Data Center Productivity
Save Energy Now in Computer Centers
Grid Virtualization and Overlays Paper Session
Disruptive Technologies
Zero-Emission Datacenters

My Cloud, Your Cloud, Everybody's Cloud
Exa and Yotta Scale Data - Are We Ready?