K-12 SC08 Notes (7/7/08 telecon)

Present: Susan, Tom L, Bonnie, Steve G, Ruben L, Bob P, Bethany, Gypsy, ....?

--Steve Gordon: volunteered to put on a WS (series?) on modeling with excel (heart disease, other topics)
--can we work other examples in such a workshop?
--excelets using. But dynamic element is broken in 2007 (bob p)
--perhaps pressure on MS could come about with SC08 WS focus
--dynamic updates now integrated into Matlab, Mathmatica, FFlyer,
(“manipulate” command in Mathematica 9, Geo Sketch…)
--Bob: representation becomes a representation
--CC teacher next to OakRidge Meg Moss? MSP, outreach…
--contact Bethany at Shodor for contacts
--Steve will get with Susan to generate a list of ideas for such a WS

--Gypsy: reported on highlights from K-12 evaluation of SC07 Ed Prg
--don’t just present a tool 1 time to draw in K-12 teachers
--teachers request virtual community support
--need regional ws scheduled mid-summer for K-12 teachers
--presenters should be more organized, know their audience, organize their
Presentations for uniform approach to follow-up…
--(in Mobile) (see Engineering Mobile’s Future)

--Tom L: propoosed WS on Collaboration tools WS providing a range of technologies for K-12 educators to build virtual community
--to be offered more than once

CMIST(sp?) for biology, PSC - Pallavi Ishwad (former HS teacher developing these materials)

Susan: three subgroups needed:
--speakers, schedule
--modeling, excel-focused WS
--collaboration technologies WS
--call ended before details could be arranged